Koothattukulam   Association, UAE

A pravasi nonprofit organization mainly aimed to provide charity and to promote co-operation among its mebers. The organization was formally inaugurated in the presence of leading persons of other associations on 17May 2002. The members are residents of Koothattukulam, its neighbouring panchayaths and their well-wishers now residing in the UAE. more details

Koothattukulam   Association, UAE
BRC Koohtattukulam is running a speech a therapy center in Govt. UP School premises for the speaking/hear.... more details
The 13th AGM held at Marhaba Hotel & Resorts unanimously elected the following team as the Executive Comm.... more details
This year's Annual General Body meeting of Koothattukulam Association will be held on 10th April 2015. .... more details
Koothattukulam Association conducted its current year's family get together/'Onaghohsam' named "Thiruvona.... more details
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