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Charity 2002-2003

Project 09 - December 2002
This is the continuation of Project No. 3. Mr. John John (Kunju),
Ummnal House, Karimpana, Koothattukulam, Was given a financial assistance of of Rs.5000/- for his treatment. However as an ultimate resolve, his right leg was amputated below the knee. The Association, as a second phase, has donated an amount of Rs.7000/- for provision of an artificial leg for Mr. John.

Project 08 - December 2002

An amount of Rs. 10,000/- was donated to Master Sujith, son of Mr. V. M. Surendran, Vattamattathil, Puthuveli. Seven-year-old Sujith is suffering from Leukaemia (Blood Cancer) and he is under treatment in ICH Hospital Kottayam. The medical expenses for one course of treatment itself amounts to Rs.30,000/- and several such courses will have to follow. Mr. Surendran is a rubber-tapping worker and he is seeking help from kindhearted people to save the life of his child.
Project 07 - November 2002
An amount of Rs.5000/- was donated to 14-year-old Rahul s/o Mr. A. N. Rajan, Aikkarayil House, Palakuzha Panchayath. He is suffering from Meningitis. This child who is studying in 9th Standard is admitted to Medical Mission Hospital, Kolenchery. Mr. Rajan is an employee in a cool bar at Koothattukulam and his poor family is pulling on from the meager salary he receives. The family is not capable of shouldering the hefty medical expenses.(Mr. Krishnankutty, an official of "Rahul Chikilsa Sahaya Samithi" (A medical assistance committee) receiving the amount from Mr.K.I. Simon.)

Project 06 - November 2002

Ambili  D/o of Mr.Ramesh, Arisseriputhenpura House, Palakuzha, is a six year old child, suffering from the deadly decease Hydrocephalus. She is partially blind and handicapped. She is completely bed ridden. Her poor parents are unable to give any medical care to this child. The Association has donated Rs.5000/- for providing medical care for this needy child.
Project 05 - November 2002
Mr. K. J. Sabu, Kappil House, Karamala was an athlete who brought many laurels to our place during yester years. He is in extreme financial difficulty. Having only a small hut in a land plot of 1.5 cents he lives on the income from occasional labouring jobs. He has family of wife and two daughters to support. He was diagnosed to be having heart ailment and is in need of an immediate surgery to save his life. The surgery is scheduled to be done in Sathya Sai Baba Hospital in Bangalore, which would cost an approximate amount of Rs60000/-.The Association donated an amount of Rs15000/- Mr.K.J.Sabu, to support him for the life saving heart surgery.Anyone who wishes to contribute to this noble cause, may contact our Honorary member MR. VIJAYAKUMAR N.C,  MATHRUBHUMI CORRESPONDENT - KOOTHATTUKULAM TEL : 0485-253800, OR 253890.

Project 04 - September, November 2002 & January 2003

Ms. Sindhu Varghese of Karimpana was in dire straits financially due to the untimely death of her father. Even her higher education (D.Pharm.) was facing discontinuation. The Association have decided to donate Rs6000/- to Sindhu to help her complete her education. As the first installment an amount of Rs2000/- was give during September, 2002 and the second and third installments will be given in November, 2002 & January, 2003 respectively.

Project 03 - September 2002
Mr. John John (Kunju), Ummnal House, Karimpana, Koothattukulam, was a school bus driver. He is suffering a deadly disease due to which his fingers and toes are being amputated one by one. He is under treatment in Medical Mission Hospital, Kolencherry. Having lost his job and only source of income for the whole family, they are in a pathetic condition and are unable to meet their basic needs of food, medicine etc.An amount of Rs5000/- was donated to Mr. John John (Kunju) as a financial assistance for this poor family. Philanthropists may contact Mr. John in the above address to help this needy family.

Project 02 - August 2002

Mr. Chothi and his wife is an old couple hailing from Palakuzha village. They are octogenarians and have no children to support them. Chothi has been working as a labourer all his life. He is paralyzed and completely bed ridden now. His wife is also sick and mentally unbalanced. The couple lives on from the meager income raised through alms received occasionally from neighbours. They do not have a house of their own and now stays in a small hut in someone's property, which does not even protect them weather.  Life saving medicines are also irregular.The Association donated an amount of Rs5000/- Mr. Chothi as a small help to alleviate their sufferings. Any one whishing to extend a helping hand to this couple may contact our honorary member, Mr. K. I. Simon, Tel; 0485-252798.
Project 01 - July 2002
This was the first project executed by us. Koothattukulam Govt. Hospital which is the only medical facility in and around Koothattukulam, which provides free medical care to economically weaker sections. As in the case of several other Govt. institutions, this hospital lacked basic amenities such as Laboratory Equipments, Furniture, Linen etc. With a view to giving a helping hand to the hospital authorities to serve this economically weaker section in a better way, we have decided to provide the Hospital with Laboratory Equipments, Plastic stools, Linen and accessories worth Rs49000/-. The items were handed over to Hospital authorities during July 2002, who had all praises for this noble work.

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