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Charity 2004-2005

Project 68 - April 2004
Association has donated Rs.4000/- to Sri. Gigin P. N., Kizakkekarayil House, Palakuzha for treatment of his 6 month old son Jishnu, who has undergone a heart surgery.

Project 69 - April 2004

Association has donated Rs.5000/- to Sri. N. Venugopal, Oliyakulangara, Ambedkar Colony, Koothattukulam for treatment of his wife Radha, who has undergone an operation for breast cancer but still not cured.
Project 70 - April 2004
Association has donated Rs.5,000/- to Sri. P. C. Gopinath, Puranthottil, Elangi for treatment of his 18 year old daughter Vidya who is suffering from blood cancer.

Project 71 - April 2004

Association has granted an amount of Rs.3,000/- to Sri. Kunjappan (Kumaran) who is injured due fall from a tree. Kunjappan is a 60 year old rubber tapper and his wife Kausalya is also a patient. They have no children.
Project 72 - April 2004
Association has donated Rs.3,000/- to Smt. K. A. Aly Kutty, Kurisinkal, Koothattukulam for the treatment of her child Melvin (13) who is a special care child.

Project 73 - May 2004

Annie, Pachapathical, Paittakkulam, Oliyappuram is a 39 year old housewife who has been deserted by her husband. Annie and her two daughters (aged 19 and 18) live solely on the meager income from the daily labouring works done by Annie. Elder daughter Joice is epileptic and younger daughter Rashmi is also having ailment on her knees. Considering the pathetic financial and medical condition of this poor family, Association has donated an amount of Rs.2000/- as a medical aid.
Project 74 - May 2004
T. U. Elias, Thettalil House, Perumadavam P. O. Via, Elanji is partially paralyzed and unable to continue with his labouring works. He cannot afford the expenses for the continued treatment. Association has donated Rs.2000/- for continuation of his treatment.

Project 75 - June 2004

V. P. Joseph, Valiya Kandathil, Marika is a casual labourer. 6 months ago he had a fall from a tree and since then he is disabled and unable to do any work. He and his wife live in a thatched wooden shed in their sole asset of 4 cents of land. With virtually no income, this family's appeal for financial aid was approved by the Association and an amount of Rs. 2000/- is donated to them.
Project 76 - June 2004
K. S. Abraham, Podiparayil, Thirumarady P. O. was diagnosed to be having a very serious brain problem for which he was treated at Medical Mission Hospital, Kolencherry. He was put in ventilator for 4 days, treated in I.C.U for 20 days and 40 days in hospital ward. In spite of all these treatments he is partially paralyzed. The family had to sell their sole property of 97 cents of land to meet the expenses for his treatment which has accumulated to the tune of Rs. 3.5 lakhs. Further for follow up treatments, he had to go to Kottayam Medical College and P.V.S. Hospital. The large family consisting of his wife, very elderly father in law, mother in law and 3 children were solely dependent on him. Considering the pathetic condition of this family, Association has donated Rs.3000/- upon the request of his wife Alice Abraham.

Project 77 - July 2004

P. T. Shamini (14) d/o P. A. Thankachan, Puthiyakunnel House, Kizhakombu P. O., Koothattukualm, is in critical condition at Kottayam Medical College Hospital due to acute meningitis. This poor family has already spent about 1.5 lakh Rupees so far for her treatment. There is an average expense of Rs.600/- per day for the medical expenses only. Total assets of Thankachan is only 6 cents of land and a small house in it. To continue the life saving treatment of this poor child, Association has donated Rs.5000/-
Project 78 - July 2004
Linto Joy (12) s/o Aliyamma Joy, Puthupparambil, Chorakkuzhi, Veliyannoor P. O. had already undergone two operations for urinary tract ailments. The poor family has spent a considerable amount of money for these operations. Linto has to undergo one more operation in Medical College Hospital Kottayam. They have no means to meet the expenses of this treatment. Association has donated Rs. 3000/- as medical aid to this poor family.

Project 79 - July 2004

Abraham, Veetoochiriyail, Kanjiramala Colony, Puthuveli aged 79 and his wife Maiyam (75) are a destitute couple alienated by their children and now living alone. Abraham was a wood cutter and had fall from a tree and broke his bones. He and his wife are chronic diabetics and need continued treatment. Association has donated Rs.2000/- as a medical aid for this poor, elderly couple.
Project 80 - July 2004
Sebastian, Edathottiyil, Nedumparayil, Paitaakkulam and his wife Leela have no children to look after them. Sebastian is suffering from Epilepsy and Asthma. Association has donated Rs.2000/- as a medical aid to this poor couple.

Project 81 - July 2004
Project 82 - August 2004
Babu KK, 27 years, son of Lucko, Kusumbithazhathu, Andichira, Thirumarady has fallen from a coconut tree and damaged his backbone and fractured his legs. This poor youngster will have to continue treatment for quiet a long time. Association has donated him Rs.5000 as medical aid.

Project 83 - August 2004

Ajesh AJ, 18 years, son of Johney and Molly, Ambakkattukunnel, Koothattukulam is a handicapped boy by birth. The bones of his legs are so brittle that they break due to his body weight. He is in need of immediate surgical operation. His father Johney is a head load worker. Health condition of his mother does not allow her to go for work. To help him to have surgery, Association has donated him Rs.4,000.
Project 84 - August 2004
Ouseph Udayapparayil (65) and his wife Mary (62) don't have children. Ouseph has undergone surgery for cataract and is under follow-up treatment. Mary is also sick and unable earn their daily bread. They are surviving with the help of generous neighbours. Association has donated Rs.3000 for their treatment.

Project 85 - September 2004

Charley Chacko, Nambelil, Oliyappuram is a carpenter by profession. While doing his work a piece of wood has struck his right eye and lost sight. Adding to his agonies, high blood pressure has caused reduced eyesight to his left eye as well. He was the breadwinner of a family consisting of his aged parents, wife and two children. Association has contributed Rs.3000 to continue his treatment.
Project 86 - September 2004
Annakkutty, 65 years, wife of Thomman, Thaipparambil, Veliyannoor is a diabetic patient. She had to amputee her right leg. Thomman is not healthy enough to go for work. They are staying with their youngest son who is a timber worker. The income from daily wages of the son is not enough to continue the essential treatment. Association has paid Rs.5,000 to meet medical expenses.

Project 87 - September 2004

Leela, wife of Mathai, Randilavungal puthenpura, Koothattukulam is a chronic ulcer patient for last many years. Recently due to heavy internal bleeding she had to be admitted in Hospital for intensive care. Their son Biju had to undergo surgery three times for removal brain tumor. The only source of income of the family is a milch cow. Due to financial difficulties, they are unable to continue treatment. Association has donated Rs.5000 for the medical expenses of the unfortunate mother and son.
Project 88 - October 2004
Vinod T.O. (Prasad), son of Onai, Thekkumpurath residing in Lakshamveedu colony, Marika hails from a poor family of labourers. He is suffering from eye-disease and has very poor eye-sight now. He is unable to go for work and unable to continue treatment. Daily wage from irregular employment of his father is the only source of income. Association has donated Rs.3000 as medical aid.

Project 89 - October 2004

Mary widow of Paily, Moosarivattathil met with an autorikshaw accident 3 years ago and had head injuries. She has not yet fully recovered from the injuries. Paily died falling from a coconut tree. This happened after this accident of Mary. Over and above all this mishaps their daughter Sini had to undergo surgery to treat Rheumatic heart disease. The income of Mary's son as a helper in Petrol station is not sufficient for their basic necessities. Association has donated Rs.5000 for the follow-up treatment of Mary and Sini.
Project 90 - Mega Project 1 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 2 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 3 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 4 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 5 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 6 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 7 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 8 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 9 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 10 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 11 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 12 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 13 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 14 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 15 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 16 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 17 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 18 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 19 - October 2004
Project 90 - Mega Project 20 - October 2004
Project 91 - November 2004
Project 92 - November 2004

Mary, 42 years, wife of Devasia, Thuruthippillil, Elanji was abandoned by her husband ten years ago. Ten cents of land obtained as tenant's right under Land Reforms Act and a small house in it are the only property she has. She met with an accident one year back while working and injured her left eye resulting in partial loss of eyesight. She is continuing treatment in Sreedhareeyam. Financial difficulty has interrupted continuity of the medical treatment. Association has paid Rs.2000 towards medical assistance.
Project 93 - November 2004
KC John, 70 years, Kondattumpadavil, Puthuvely is suffering from TB, Asthma and heart disease. He owns 5 cents of land and a tiled roof house in it. He was admitted in Kottayam Medical College, Govt. Hospital Koothattukulam and recently in Deva Matha Hospital Koothattukulam. Due to his inability to bear the expenses, he had to ask for discharge before completing the treatment. The father of four daughters and three sons is now in the care of his youngest son who is a restaurant employee. In order to have the necessary medication, Association has contributed Rs.2000 to him.

Project 94 - November 2004

Kunjukunju KK, 40 years, Kakkayanickal, Mannathoor was a timber worker. He has 5 cents of land and a house constructed with financial aid of the panchayath. He lost consciousness due to fall of a branch of a tree on his head in last October and continues to be bedridden till date. He has two school going children. Having no regular income, the family is dependent on help of generous people in the locality. Association has extended its helping hand to this poor family by donating Rs.4000.
Project 95 - December 2004
Jaya, 32, wife of Sambasivan, Kunnathumattathil, Mannathoor is a Tuberculosis Meningitis patient. Her husband is a painting worker. Jaya was treated in Lourdes Hospital and in Amritha Institute of medical science, Ernakulam. She has to continue treatment for at least for one and a half year more. Association has donated Rs.1000 for her treatment.

Project 96 - December 2004

Ulahannan (Kunni), 60 years, has no house or relative of his own. He was living in Koothattukulam town doing various odd jobs like filling of vehicle tyre in petrol station. Now he is under the grip of throat cancer. Treatment is at Kottayam Medical College. The poor destitute having no savings, assets or relatives to help, needs money for treatment including radiation therapy. Association has donated him Rs.3000 for that purpose.
Project 97 - December 2004
EK Rajan, 61 years, Edamanakkunnel, Palakkuzha, was snake bitten 6 years ago. As a result his kidney functioning was badly affected. He took loan for treatment pledging his only property of 23 cents of land. Now he depends on generous neighbours to continue his treatment. Association has donated Rs.4000 to Rajan.

Project 98 - December 2004

KP Saramma, 66 years, widow of Varghese, Nellikkunnu, Palakkuzha is a psychiatric patient and has arthritis related problems. She has 5 cents of land. She doesn't have a house of her own. Construction of house started but remained incomplete and therefore is staying in rented house. She has two married daughters. Both of them are not in a position to help her financially. She needs regular medication. Association has donated Rs.3000 for her medical expenses.
Project 99 - January 2005
Mathew, Kurisumalayil, Nellorpara, Elanji is totally bedridden due to neurological disease. He needs help even to eat his food. He can't get up even to answer the calls of nature. His wife is working as housemaid to earn a square meal. The couple doesn't have children. They live a miserable life in a leaking hut in "purampokku" land. While struggling for their daily food, they are not in a position to think of the expensive treatment suggested for Mathew including scanning and surgery. Association has paid him Rs.2000

Project 100 - January 2005

Saramma, 54 years, widow of Kunjappan is staying with her brother Kuttappan Kusumbithazhathu, Kakkoor who is a construction worker. Saramma has fallen from the roof of the house and fractured her backbone and skull. KK Babu son of Kuttappan is yet to recover from the injuries due to a fall from a coconut tree. The second accident in a short span of time has devastated the poor family. Association has donated Rs.3000 for treatment of Saramma.
Project 101 - January 2005
Chinna, Mailaadumparayil, Uppukandam, Karimpana is a widow and a psychiatric patient. She is staying with her only daughter and son in law. They have 6 cents of land and a house constructed for them by the panchayath. Son in law's daily wages working in a hollow brick factory is the only source of income. Chinna needs expensive regular medication. Association has donated Rs.2000 to this poor family.

Project 102 - January 2005

Anna, 86 years, widow of Ulahannan, Thekkumcheril, Ambedkar Colony, Koothattukulam is staying with her divorced daughter. Anna is suffering from improper functioning of heart valve. Daughter is also not healthy enough to go for work everyday. They live in a small house in their 4 cents of land. Association has donated Rs.2000 for treatment of the mother and daughter.
Project 103 - January 2005
Annakkutty, 55 years, widow of Ulahannan, Koovakkattil, Palakkuzha is a heart patient. She owns 10 cents of land and a small house in it. Permanent pacemaker implantation is the suggested treatment for her. The cost of that treatment is far beyond her resources. Her eldest daughter is handicapped. She has two sons who are auto-rikshaw drivers. None of them can afford the cost. Association has donated Rs.2000 towards medical expenses.


Biji Varkey, Thattarukudiyil, Karimpana is a final year nursing student in Devamatha Nursing School Koothattukulam. She hails from a poor family. Her education has reached this level with the financial assistance of various organizations. Her mother is no more. Father is sick and is struggling to earn for the basic necessities. Association has donated Rs.4500 to pay the final installment of fees to this bright student so that she can complete the course.
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