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Education & Sports


The Vernacular Malayalam School (V.M. School) is the first School in this area as per the official records of the Koothattukulam Grama Panchayat. Today, there are many schools functioning in this Panchayat as well as in the neighbouring Panchayats. The major ones among them are Government College (Manimalakkunnu), Higher Secondary School (Vadakara), Little Flower High School (Vadakara), Koothattukulam High School, Bappuji English Medium High School, Marygiri School, Government Model Higher Secondary School (Palakkuzha) and Higher Secondary School (Thirumarady). In the field of informal education also, Koothattukulam has proved its mark. Social movements like the Sree Narayana Prasthanam and the Madya Virudha (prohibition) Prasthanam made a deep impact in the minds of the people here. The Koothattukulam Panchayat was in the very forefront of activities during 1989, when the whole District of Ernakulam made mass efforts to eradicate illiteracy, which is the real scourge of the Indian villages.

Library facilities and Print media

It has to be admitted that the functioning of the Public Library under the Koothattukulam Grama panchayat is not very satisfactory when compared to the strides made by the other socio-cultural institutions of this area. Over-influence of the electronic media has greatly impoverished the reading habits of the local people. The village environment, which resounded with the tunes of "koithu pattu" and "thekku pattu" has given way to the likes of Apache and Michael Jackson. The gradual shift in the social system from joint families to nuclear families has hastened the loss of simplicity, goodness and innocence of the village folks. The present public library was started in memory of a Tamil gentleman called Sivaraja Pandian, who was killed in Kollam Kasba Police Station during the mass struggle for responsible government.

This library was impounded twice by the Diwan. But the library has served to awaken the socio-cultural and political renaissance of this place. 'Navajeevan Arts Club', 'Arts Home' and the like which had statewide and renowned operations originated here. Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Desahbimani, Deepika and Kerala Kaumudi are the major newspapers which are popular in this area. A number of souvenirs and books are published from here. Magazines and periodicals like Astapadi, Kamana, Poojyam, Lava and an evening newspaper called 'Anuranjanam' were published from here. The rich cultural and political awareness of the people of Koothattukulam is fully portrayed in typical books like K.T. Jacob's "Smaranika" which was published in 1978 and Jose Karimpana's "Raktasakhshikalude Naadu". Today, however, the reading habits of most of the women folk of this area are confined mostly to periodicals. Neither does the large number of children's magazines and periodicals available in the market attract the target audience of growing children. For want of proper infrastructure and care, many of the valuable books available in the public libraries are getting destroyed. At the same time, the encroachment of our modern ways of life even questions the very relevance for the existence of such libraries.


Koothattukulam has a very long and reputable history in the field of sports. The Chakkappan Memorial All India Volleyball Tournament, which saw the participation of leading Indian teams like Punjab Police, Andhra Police, State Bank of India, Indian Railways, was conducted here from 1966 to 1969. These tournaments, along with the Korappan Trophy Football Tournaments which were conducted here, made Koothattukulam a major centre of attraction for all sports lovers. The Spartan's Club, which started functioning in Koothattukulam in 1987, has made major contributions to the game of Football. The Club, which was affiliated to the Ernakulam District Football Association and the Kerala Football Association in 1989, imparts basic coaching in professional football to children. They participate in all the district-level tournaments and have so far conducted six tournaments on their own. The Club which now owns 2 cents of land has begun the construction of an office premises.

A ball badminton Club "BBC" , which has been functioning since 1990, conducts competitions on all-Kerala basis quite regularly. The Koothattukulam Cricket Club is very active in the field of cricket. Over the years, many individuals from this area like K.A.Simon, K.A.Abraham, K.K.Ravi and in recent times persons like Asokan, Rajesh, Madhavan, Sunny Isaac have won laurels in Universities and State level competitions. The major problem faced by this area in the field of sports is the lack of proper playgrounds. A proper panchayat Stadium, a long-cherished dream of the local people, is still under construction.

In the field of Karate, Koothattukulam has similarly made substantial progress. There are many local youngsters who have secured the Black Belt title. The Karate schools of this area arrange exhibition matches and state-level tournaments. The 'Shoto Kan Karate School', which started in 1978, is now a branch of the Kerala unit of the Black Belt Karate International Association.

Industry & Commerce

Although this area is industrially backward, the only meat products manufacturing factory of South India is located at Edayar. This is the only Public Sector institution of this place and functions under The Meat Products of India Ltd.

Since Koothattukulam is the meeting place of Malanadu and Edanadu, this is an important place for trading in all kinds of hill produce. The public market of Koothattukulam is well known and dates back to hundreds of years. The market was founded during the time of His Royal Highness Sree Moolam Thirunal Maharaja and its original name is Sree Ramavarmapuram Market. People from very far off places come here to participate in the cattle trade, which takes place every Wednesday. Koothattukualam has always had an enviable reputation in the trading of rice. The biggest private bus stand of Central Kerala is in Koothattukulam. But, of late, the area has turned into a fertile ground for Science and Technology and Computer Education. Of late there has been tremendous growth in computer and related electronic field and also in gold and textile business.


Just as Koothattukulam plays a major role in the cultural field, this area also enjoys a prime position in the agricultural map of Kerala. Although the characteristic 'scent' of rubber pervades the entire atmosphere, Koothattukulam Panchayat is also a land of spices and vegetables. Paddy, which had once been a major crop of this land, is however fast yielding to other cash crops.


There is an age-old demand for declaring Koothattululam as a tourist centre. Places like Arjunanmala, Onamkunnu Temple, Siva temple, the Church at Vadakara are ancient tourist spots richly steeped in folklores. The sight of paddy fields lined with sandalwood plants and locations such as the Bhadrakali Temple of Kizhakombu, which stands right in the midst of a small forest of rosewood trees, are sure to attract any tourist. The hillocks in and around Koothattukulam, like the Edayar Velimala & Koorumala, from the top of which one can see even the west coast of Kerala, are indeed breathtakingly beautiful. The Chalattu compound at Oliappuram where thousands of birds nestle, as well as the "chempupara" at Palakuzha are favourites of all tourists.

Important Institutions

The following are the major Healthcare centres in and around Koothattululam: Government Allopathy Hospital, Government Homeo Hospital, Devamatha Hospital, Co-operative Hospital, Goodwill Hospital, Aayus Ayurvedic Clinic and Veterinary Hospital.

The other Public Offices in and around Koothattukulam include Police Station, Post & Telegraph Office, Telephone Sub-division, Telecom Centre, Sub-Treasury, Ponnum Vila Tahsildar's Office, Revenue Inspector's Office, Village Office, Sub-Registrar's Office, Minor Irrigation Office, Water Authority Office, MVIP Offices, PWD Offices, KSEB Offices, AEO Office, 66 K.V. Sub-Station Office, K.T. Jacob Memorial Town Hall, Inspection Bungalow and Agricultural Office.

Koothattukulam area is also blessed with many Co-operative institutions like the Koothattukulam Farmer's Service Cooperative Bank, Ernakulam District Co-operative Bank's Branch, several Co-operative Stores, Government Employee's Co-operative Society, Housing Construction Co-operative Society, Harijan Co-operative Society, Dairy Co-operative Society and Co-operative Hospital.

In addition to the Branches of major banks like State Bank Of Travancore, The Federal Bank Ltd., Catholic Syrian Bank, Union Bank of India and North Malabar Gramin Bank there are a number of local banking institutions functioning in and around Koothattukulam.
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